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Add millions to your profit

Problems you solve:

Losing (revenue at) large clients.

Decreasing margins after negotiations.

Decreasing engagement decision makers.

Overspending resources

Decreasing competitive advantage.

Negotiations with procurement only.

High operational pressure at clients.

Your team to the next level

Problems you solve:

Missed commercial opportunities.

Being seen as a supplier only.

Little insight into status with clients.

Everyone acts according to own judgment.

No handle on team effectiveness.

No structured process.

No account management strategy.

The account plans that work

Problems you solve:

Your team is working too operationally.

Goals for clients too vague.

Mediocre plans to realize goals.

Resistance to create an account plan

Account plans disappear into the drawer.

No coordination plans internally.

Unstructured work on clients.

Account management needs to be organized, just like any other organizational process.

Why our solutions work

Over €23 billion in client contracts worldwide are protected with our processes. For several clients, annual profits have increased by more than €100 million! Maybe your challenge is not that big, but these are great numbers, aren't they?

Why are our solutions so effective? Our processes are designed specifically for service providers. They bring essential improvements in the way your team and you as their management work. These ways of working are based on insights and best practices from years of experience. Over 35 years, we have been working with our clients to get the highest results with existing clients.

Tenacity's solutions let account managers do exactly what brings results and help them do so in the most effective way possible. We guarantee fast and smooth implementation.

The Clients for Life® process

If you want it all: A complete solution for managing large client relationships.

Managing and retaining major clients 

This book introduces you to the guiding principles and tools of the Clients for Life® client retention and account management process. With this process, the world's leading managed services organizations manage their strategic accounts and protect them from the competition. Clients for Life is a pragmatic, structured and proven effective process. 


The strategic aspects are also discussed. Among other things, you will be introduced to the Service Life Cycle, an extremely important principle for remaining of relevant value to the clients you have worked so hard to get.

Some of our clients 

Philips HealthCare

Canon Business Services

Syneos health Services

Start People Staffing

Olympia Staffing

Medtronic IHS

Open Line Cloud solutions

CSU Cleaning

What our clients say ...

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Johan Stellingerwerf - Managing Director Sodexo Altys
You can lose clients while having a high level of client satisfaction. Clients for Life gives the word 'value' a whole new meaning. I now view the relationship from the perspective of what relevant added value you can deliver from your organization rather than from your product or service. This allows me to shape the relationship with my clients in a different way. Very inspiring.
Ms. Nameless
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André Meijer - Managing Director Volkerwessel Telecom
If you think it is all about client satisfaction, you are in for a surprise. Tenacity shows you how your key accounts look at your organization and gives you tools on how to lead your organization towards higher client retention.
Ms. Nameless
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René Nijkamp - General manager Sales & Branch management Start People
Clients for Life helps us achieve our goal: 100% of our clients choose Start People every time because of the value they experience in working with us. Do you have the same ambition? If so, I highly recommend this book. Then you can read why we believe this goal starts with consciously choosing clients that are a good match for us.
Ms. Nameless
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Michiel Hillebrand - Chief Operating Officer Leviy
Tenacity helped us with a strategy to stay relevant for our clients over the long term. The Account Plan Canvas is a great tool for this.
Ms. Nameless
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What would you like to improve?

Organize account management

How do you organize account management? What do you organize, why and how? Read about the account management system model here.

Does my account manager have a grip on his client?

Are my account managers seeing the right things and setting the right targets? There is one thing that gives a tremendous amount of control ...

The modern account plan

Do you want your account managers to believe account plans are important? And that they are actually used and have strong content?

Account management strategy

Is your team missing opportunities? Building, communicating and implementing an effective strategy are core tasks of a commercial director.

Understanding what decision makers really expect

Clients want their expectations to be met. But how do you get real insight into expectations? Read about FreshEyes Reviews!

Structured contract renewal

When a contract ends, an opportunity also arises. But only if you start on time and with a good process. Otherwise, there are mostly risks.