About Tenacity

We organize excellent account management


We make the account management process work for service providers. We set up, we organize working methods and we sharpen the vision on account management. Because we have been focusing on service providers for more than 35 years, we know all the best practices and have developed several best practices ourselves together with our clients. Account management for service providers is different from that for product companies because services are different from products.

Our mission: A perfectly functioning account management organization for you.

What we believe in

"Money flows to value"

The goal of account management is to provide relevant value to clients.

When an account management organization is driven by value for clients, everyone gets what they need: the clients gets relevant value, the organization profits, the account manager an inspiring goal and the manager grip.

Our Team

Martijn Rozendaal

Founder and Managing Partner Tenacity Europe
+31 6 5436 4040

Marco Reijntjens

Founder and Managing Partner Tenacity Europe
+31 6 5162 3518
Tenacity partner in the Netherlands, previously Commercial Director IBM and Canon Business Services
+31 6 5264 9834

Ronald Luijckx

Tenacity partner Netherlands, previously COO Webhelp and operational director Start People
+31 6 2242 2333

Bas ter Heurne

Tenacity partner Nederland, eerder CCO Telindus en Head of Digital Security Sales Atos Nederland

+31 6 1855 2550

Our Services

Account management system-assessment

Map out the improvement possibilities of your account management process in an assessment with one of our experts. Only 1,5 hours (online).

Planned account management

This service is ashort project in which working with account plans is taught, implemented, and delivered in full working order.

Account management strategy improvement

Vision and process are sharpened and elaborated so that management and account managers all know who does what, when and why.


Tenacity is originally an American company. Tenacity means "to hold on with vigor". This name reflects exactly what Tenacity was founded for in 1986: to help managed service companies hold on to their very best clients. All of the insights, tools and practices that we implement at our clients' sites are born from the source: clients. From day one, Tenacity has been interviewing decision makers at managed service clients about their motivations for choosing or firing their vendors.

Now, more than 35 years and thousands of interviews later, our services have become much broader. We develop excellent account management processes for and with our clients. This creates grip for managers and success for account managers. This results in profitable growth and clients for life.

What the clients of all our clients worldwide say is still the source of our knowledge for developing our products and services. Let's get acquainted, we are happy to share our experiences.