Account management strategy

Why do clients remain clients and happily pay your invoices?


Why do clients become and remain clients? Why account managers?


What things should be executed excellently for each client?


Management fully on board? Team excited about this strategy?

Do you miss many opportunities?

If there is no clear strategy for account management, or it is not clear to the account managers who have to execute it, many opportunities are missed.

A very clear signal is when your account managers are sucked into the operation.

"Most account managers are intelligent enough to do the right things, but if there is no strategy worked out in a clear process, then everyone picks up the things that come to them first. That is very human and happens everywhere."

For years, we have specialised in excellent account management for service providers. Having an effective strategy is an integral part of this. It is a topic we often help with and one that has a particularly strong effect on your team and your results. Imagine that every account manager is highly motivated to do the right thing because they are guided by a clear strategy they all believe in...

Account Management strategy

Strategy is ‘a way of achieving something’. The basic goal of account management is having a long-term and profitable relationship with clients.

A strategy consists of two parts, the vision (the why) and your process (what you want account managers to do).

Your idea of why clients would want to become and remain clients with you is your vision. From this vision you can define what your team should do (activities). If you set these activities into a logical order, you have a process (who does what, when). You now have an Account Management strategy: Your team knows what to do with each client,  when, and why.

Vision on account management

Some common views on account management are:

- Clients award their business on the basis of personal relationships

- Account management is selling to existing clients

- Clients buy because of our products and expertise

Our vision is "Money flows to value: People spend their money on those things they find valuable".

This is always true, but for service providers, managing value (with large clients) is double as important because clients' expectations of services always change in the course of cooperation. 

Account Management Process

It follows from Tenacity's vision that "understanding what is valuable to each specific client" should be core focus for all account managers at each client.

But such a general task definition is too vague; it is not yet a process. You have to translate this into concrete, plannable activities. "Have an annual session on expectations for the coming year" is already a lot more concrete. This is then one step in the process. You can describe this in more detail by defining who should do this and when.

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