Implementation of Account Plans that work

Completed within 3 months

  • You'll receive Tenacity's Account Plan Canvas
  • Your team trained and enthusiastic
  • A clear and well-established process (who, what, when, how)
  • Consistency with CRM set in place
  • No resistance or opposition
  • Everyone proactive and strategic
  • No more missed opportunities
  • You as manager no longer spend time on implementation

A visual account plan

One page that shows coherence

One page

Read in two minutes

Management ready

On screen with every conversation


By the developers of the canvas

Project management

Tenacity arranges everything and makes it work

Fully set up

No loose ends or awkwardness, it works smoothly

Our experience

For more than 35 years we have been helping service providers optimize account management. All our consultants have extensive experience in account management and have worked in leadership and board positions. 

We have all faced the same issues that you are facing now: better organization, getting a grip, predictable good results and all that with less stress for yourself. 

We take a project-based approach to working with account plans: We deliver it in working order. Because we know better than anyone that besides having the tool and organizing training for your team, the real success factor is the organization around it. If you wait to set up the process and the details, the intention to really start using it will be stranded in the many questions, the procrastination and all the other things that require attention.

Shall we get started?

Account Plan implementation

Within 3 months you will have a working annual cycle for account plans. You and your team are working with it without having to spend time organizing and cranking your team up afterwards. 

The team is trained, the first plans are made, we attend the first meetings to coach on usage and everything is set up. From where to store the plans, to who is responsible for scheduling the reviews and what is done with the outcomes.

The cost for an account plan implementation project is €15,000 (for a team of 10 or less account managers).