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These are the books that every service provider with large clients should definitely have read.

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Jos Burgers

Speaker / author

An absolute must.

I have rarely read a book that contained so much practical and useful advice for those working in a B-to-B environment. Of course, much of the advice is very recognizable, but that does not make it any less valuable.

In short, an absolute must for everyone who has commercial responsibility in complex business-to-business situations and really wants to work on client retention.

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What your clients won't tell you...

This book introduces you to the philosophy and tools of the Clients for Life® client retention process that leading organizations in the world of managed services use to manage and protect their strategic accounts from the competition. Pragmatic, structured and proven effective. 
  • If you still think that satisfaction leads to client retention, a big surprise awaits you.
  • This book describes the Clients for Life® philosophy and all its tools.
  • The original publication 'What Your Clients Won't Tell You And Your Managers Don't Know' was written in 1995 and is now in its fifth printing.
  • The Dutch translation was done by Martijn Rozendaal and Marco Reijntjens of Tenacity Europe.

Michèl Schilders

Commercial Director Start People

How do we manage that?

How does our organisation remain valuable in the eyes of our customers? How do we know that? How do we measure it? And more importantly, how do we manage it? This book provides insights and tools for organisations that strive for long-term, valuable relationships with their customers.
€ 19,95 excl. vat

Why good clients fire great companies

This is the sequel to the first book from 1995. Whereas the first book was mainly an operational treatise on the process, this second book has a more strategic angle. Among other things, you are introduced to the Service Life Cycle, a principle that provides extremely important insight into remaining of relevant value to the clients you have fought so hard to win.
  • Learn how the way your key accounts look at your organization is constantly changing.
  • Everything revolves around relevant value
  • You will learn what really drives clients and how to manage this.
  • Team Account Retention Planning
  • The Service Life Cycle
  • It is written for managers in the managed services industry and other service markets where large contracts, tenders and price competition are the order of the day.

About the authors

Both books were written by John Gamble and Steve Wurzbacher, the founders of Tenacity in America. The translation and adaptation for the Dutch market was done by Martijn Rozendaal and Marco Reijntjens of Tenacity Europe. All four of them are involved in the subjects of account management and client retention on a daily basis. Together with their clients from all over the world they developed the best practices for service companies working with large accounts. All these best practices have been collected in an immediately implementable total process: Clients for Life®.

Account management needs structure, which you, as a leader, must bring into your organization. Read about the best practices in organizing account management in these books and see what effect they can have.
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Value in cooperation
Clients for Life helps us achieve our goal: 100% of our clients choose Start People every time because of the value they experience in working with us. Do you have the same ambition? If so, I highly recommend this book. Then you can read why we believe this goal starts with consciously choosing clients that are a good match for us.


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Read. Learn.
Read. Learn. Use the material...these insights will help you protect the business you’ve won.


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Management services under contract
If you’re part of an organization that provides management services under contract then READ TENACITY'S BOOKS!


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