Clients for Life®

A process for profitable clients for life


A complete approach to transforming your organization

Organizational competence

Achieving structural results such as contract profitability, client retention and value for clients should be an organizational competence and not dependent on individuals.

The Clients for Life® process contains all the tools an organization needs for managing strategically important contracts. From making strategic commercial choices to operational instructions for the daily management of the accounts.

What is Clients for Life?

Clients for Life is a unique account management process. It is specifically designed to manage large service contracts AND all components are worked out in detail with tools and manuals.

For an organization to be structurally effective, best practices are needed for the essential tasks. And that is exactly what is unique about Clients for Life, it gives your team the tools HOW to execute this.

Would you like to put us to the test? Let us do some reviews of lost clients and/or lost deals. We will show you immediately what can be improved.

Hire Tenacity or own license

Great clients are the heart of your organization. You simply cannot afford to lose even one. That is why you set up the account management organization to maximize value for both the client and your organization.

The Clients for Life process is the best practice for service providers. Even the world's largest companies say they never imagined how much better they could do. Clients for Life includes an account management process and the tools to continuously improve outcomes.

You can chose to implement Clients for Life in your organization with a license or to hire Tenacity for occasional support with large clients. A workshop that will strengthen the relationship with each client is the 'Expectations Session'. A workshop with all decision makers at the client about the expectations in the cooperation. It brings the cooperation to an absolute partnership. Ask us about it.

Some Clients for Life components

Right Clients Right Terms workshop

Stakeholder analysis and transition protocol
Client workshops by account managers
FreshEyes Reviews
Team Account Retention Planning

The results

  • Profitable contracts
  • The highest customer retention in the market
  • A process that builds trust with new customers
  • The best references in the market
  • Lower organizational costs
  • Real partnerships with customers
  • More contract renewals without tenders
  • Profitable growth of the organization

Shall we talk? We will be happy to tell you more.

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What your Clients won’t tell you ....

These books introduce you to the philosophy and tools of the Clients for Life® client retention process, which leading organizations in the world of managed services use to manage and protect their strategic accounts from the competition. Pragmatic, structured and proven effective.