FreshEyes Reviews and PostMortem Audits

  • Learn what your client expects, no more chances missed!
  • Personal interviews with all decision-makers
  • No leading questions, but an open dialogue
  • The interview decision-makers are happy to participate in
  • Literal reports of conversations with unfiltered information
  • We have been doing this for 35 years, we know what to ask
  • We know how to set your organization in motion
In fact, this was Tenacity's very first service
Clients always have expectations that you do not expect
Our clients' clients are everywhere
We do not leave it at a clear report alone

More than 30 years ago, Tenacity was born out of a mission to find out why clients were being lost. In personal interviews with decision-makers, we were often told: "If you had asked these questions a year ago and done something with the answers, we would probably still be clients today."

And this turned out to be incredibly true! In-depth personal interviews by an independent third party on the value perception of clients, have proven time and again to be indispensable in contract retention and the development of profitable partnerships.

The loss of a major client, an important offer or an extension to a valuable relationship is rarely a matter of price alone, no matter how much your employees would like you to believe it.

We still start every cooperation by getting into the heads and hearts of your clients.

With the outcome of these interviews, we set your organization in motion at both the strategic and account level.

It does not matter whether you agree with the client's shared views, because future decisions will be based on their perception and not yours.

More important than the truth is the perception of the client.

A FreshEyes Review or PostMortem Audit report therefore contains what the client has said verbatim, allowing you to draw your own conclusions. That is what makes the tool so powerful. Of course, Tenacity also shares its findings on the status of the cooperation.

We interview the 3 to 5 most important stakeholders of the account. These are the people who, based on their function and/or role, are in a position to continue or end the cooperation or who can strongly influence that decision. We call this the Web of Influence®.

We speak to them with the sole purpose of understanding their perspective. Tenacity has no stake in these interviews because we have nothing to sell, explain or defend. Without exception, clients appreciate your investment in the relationship and the opportunity to speak in a structured way about their expectations.

Tenacity does all the work. You choose the client and the stakeholders, the rest is up to a Tenacity partner. A few weeks later you receive the report. We go over the report with you and your team to determine the right actions. In doing so, Tenacity makes sure that statements of the client are not trivialized, rationalized, or ignored.

Our experience is that when a client terminates the cooperation, it is rarely for reasons of price alone. How valuable would it be if you knew the real reasons?

It will not bring back the lost client, but it will give you very valuable insights from which you can draw lessons for the future. Lessons that will have a very positive effect on your organization’s ability to win and retain clients.

A PostMortem Audit has many similarities with the FreshEyes Review. We engage in a conversation to find out what actual reasons have led to the termination of the cooperation. We ask open questions and listen with the aim of understanding, not answering.

We also conduct PostMortem Audits to analyze lost tenders and lost deals. It is extremely valuable for improving the sales effectiveness in which you often invest for years.

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