FreshEyes® Reviews

We conduct personal interviews with your client's decision makers.

You get unfiltered insight into what clients really think and want.

This gives you the following:

Big opportunities

The director of a company that spends €10 million a year on temporary workers explained that he would rather have one partner who understands his business than the ten suppliers he currently had. The value this client was looking for was not in the product being delivered, but in improving the results this director could achieve in his business. The new conversations following the FreshEyes Review earned our client the position of master vendor in the contract 3 months later.

Major risks

Several customers of a leading tech company described their frustration with their business partner (our client) in talking to us. The customers wanted to order all sorts of things, but had too little knowledge of the new technologies to do so. Some were so clear on this, that they said they even wanted to pay their partner if they would help with this. This recurring theme was a major detriment in customer relationships and led to a lot of lost sales which could be well turned around by this insight.

New conversations

A facility services provider was being procured by a large client primarily on price. Because Tenacity is an independent third party, there is a free conversation about what concerns this client. This client talked about challenges that had not surfaced in previous conversations. Subsequent talks led to the unique solutions that this supplier could offer for these challenges, to be included in the requirements profile in the next tender. This resulted in a selection based not only on price.

The tool for you as a (commercial) director

As a director, you want to know how your major clients are doing and what the strengths and weaknesses of your account management organization are.

From your own organization, you only hear part of it, and clients also by no means tell you everything.

The (overarching) insights from FreshEyes Reviews have a strong effect on the profitability of your organization. For example, check out what Kirk Reid has to say about this in the video to the right.

35+ years experience

In fact, they were Tenacity's very first activities.

> 5000 clients spoken

Clients have expectations far beyond what the contract states.

6 continents, worldwide

Wherever your clients are located, Fresh Eyes Reviews work word wide.

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Order a FreshEyes Review for one customer to experience the value. You send an invitation to 2-3 decision makers using our protocol and we do the rest. Within a few weeks you will receive a report that tells you exactly what value your client experiences from the collaboration. We discuss this report with your team for concrete actions.

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FreshEyes Review, extreme high ROI
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Learn how it works and why our approach has such a high return on investment. 80% of revenue and profit is generated by your large customers. As a director, you need insight into what risks you're facing there and where you need to improve your organization to increase results. FreshEyes Reviews from Tenacity are the best tools in the market to learn what your customers aren't telling you and your managers don't know.

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What are FreshEyes Reviews?

More than 35 years ago, Tenacity was born out of a project to find out why clients were being lost. In personal interviews with client decision-makers, we were frequently told, "If you guys had asked these questions a year earlier and then done something with them, we'd probably still be a client today."

And this proved incredibly true! FreshEyes Reviews are in-depth personal interviews by an independent third party about clients' perceptions of value. Time and again, these prove vital in contract retention and developing profitable partnerships. 

Retaining and building valuable relationships is rarely a matter of price alone, no matter how much your employees would like you to believe that.

Power of the approach

More important than the truth is the client's perception. 

A FreshEyes Review report therefore reports on what the client literally said, allowing you to draw your own conclusions. That's what makes the tool so powerful. In addition, of course, Tenacity also provides its findings on the status of the collaboration.

We interview the 2-3 key decision makers at the client (more is also possible). These are the people who from their function and/or role are in a position to continue, end or strongly influence the cooperation. (We call this the Web of Influence®).

We speak to them for the sole purpose of understanding their perspective. Tenacity has no stake in these interviews because we have nothing to sell, explain or defend. Without exception, clients appreciate your investment in the relationship and the opportunity to speak in a structured way about what they expect to achieve in your collaboration.

Easy to deploy.

Tenacity does all the work. You choose the client and who we need to talk to, the rest is up to a Tenacity partner. A few weeks later, you receive the report that we review with you and your team to determine actions. In doing so, Tenacity makes sure that client statements are not trivialized, rationalized or ignored.

For which clients?

  • For your key accounts!
  • When you have clients/turnover you can't afford to lose.
  • When price is too leading and profitability is low.
  • When you don't know exactly what the real decision makers expect.
  • When escalations are too frequent with large clients.
  • When the client experiences little differentiation and you are interchangeable
  • When you want to know where you need to improve as an organization

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