Does my account manager have a grip on his client?

There is one instrument that gives a particularly good grip!

Everything under control

Without smart organization, you have to monitor, crank and guide everything yourself. That is the situation you do not want.

There is one tool that immediately improves your organization and gives you a great deal of control over how your people handle clients. It gives you insight into what happens at clients, it lets your team work proactively and strategically. So you can focus on coaching your team instead of resolving escalations.

You certainly know it: the account plan. But not all account plans are the same. Not only the content is important, but also the form. Read here how you can get much more out of it than you thought with an Account Plan Canvas.

What account managers like to work with

A one-pager, visual and only leading to answers to the most essential questions.

Tenacity's Account Plan Canvas is an account plan that account managers like to work with. That is an important condition for the successful implementation of this tool. No long background stories, just guided thinking and conclusions. It helps to see what you are missing in the daily business.

And most importantly: the one-page format means that will actually be used during conversations. It doesn't disappear into a drawer. You just put it on your screen during a conversation. It shows your people that it is important.

Proactive and strategic

In every organization, the account manager gets sucked into the operation. In daily practice, the account manager is confronted with many operational things.

By working in a structured way with account plans, you regularly stop to oversee the account, set yourself goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Then you really are an account manager and not an account employee. Proactively and at a strategic level, you set goals and you lead the account.

The tool for managers

At a glance, you have insight into all essential elements of your client relations without having to have long conversations.

You immediately see whether there is contact at the right level, whether the right things are being discussed, whether the goals are ambitious enough and whether any opportunities or threats are being missed. This gives you all the information you need to coach your account manager and/or adjust where things are going with this account.

We implement it for you

We provide this tool and within 3 months, working with the Account Plan Canvas is fully up-and-running. Your team is trained, there is a process for application, it is integrated into your management process and it works.

Your team is enthusiastic and you really have a much better grip on clients and your team.

We set everything up for and with you and make it work. No more questions afterwards, no more resistance, no more thinking about the practicalities, but most of all a feeling of having taken a huge step forward.

Our experience makes this a short and easy process. Your team will be transformed into a proactive team that thinks strategically and structurally about all important accounts and no longer misses any opportunities. Read more about the short Account Plan implementation project here.