The modern account plan


Does your team set goals or wait for opportunities?

Delivering according to contract is not all there is to your accounts. Both you as a manager and the client want more than that. It is up to your account managers to take the lead and it is up to you to provide them with the right tools and processes to make them successful.

Do your account managers proactively set their own goals? Are they leading their accounts?

What account managers like to work with

A one-pager, visual and only focusing on the essential questions.

Tenacity's Account Plan Canvas is an account plan that account managers really enjoy working with. And that is one of the conditions for implementing this tool successfully.

No long background stories, just proper thinking and conclusions. It really helps to see what you are missing in the daily routine.

And most importantly: the one-page format means that it is actually used during client reviews. It doesn't disappear into a drawer. Just put it on your screen during a conversation. That makes people feel that they are not doing it for nothing, but that it is important.

Each contract phase has its own plan

Before signing a contract and close to the end of a contract, both you and your client look at the cooperation differently. You have other goals and other things to consider then when you started the cooperation.

That is why no single plan will cover all three phases: the prospect phase, the operational phase and the contract renewal phase. You need a plan for each phase.

* Prospect Plan Canvas

* Account Plan Canvas

* Contract Renewal Canvas

Which phases are most important for your team?

The tool for managers

At a glance, you have insight into all essential elements of client relations without having long conversations.

You immediately see whether there is contact at the right level, whether the right things are being discussed, whether the goals are ambitious enough and whether any opportunities or threats are being missed. This gives you all the information you need to coach your account manager and/or adjust where things are going with this account.

We implement it for you

Within 3 months you are fully up and running. Your team has been trained, a working process has been implemented and integrated into your daily workflow.

We set everything up together and make it work.

Your team is enthusiastic, and you really have a much better grip on clients and your team.

We set everything up for and with you and make it work. No more questions afterwards, no more resistance, no more thinking about the practicalities, but most of all a feeling of you have taken a huge step forward.

Our experience makes this a short and easy process. Your team will be transformed into a proactive team that thinks strategically and structurally about all important accounts and no longer misses any opportunities. Read more about the short Account Plan Canvas implementation project here.