Clients for Life®

Organizational process for profitable growth 

Clients for Life is the worldwide best practice to retain strategic important clients forever. With this process several of our clients make tens of millions more in profits, every year again. The Clients for Life process governs the role of management, sales, account management and operations to realize this.

Value Based Partnerships Account management process for partnerships

Value Based Partnerships is a compact and ready to implement way of working for account management teams. With it, account managers independently develop valuable cooperation with clients.Teams immediately rise to a higher level and managers are given much more time for their own strategic tasks.

Account Plan Canvas

The account plans that actually work

The Account Plan Canvas is a modern and visual account plan. Writing or reading the plan hardly cost any time anymore. These are plans that can actually be used for periodic consultation. The content of the canvas is based on the commercial law that results for the company follow from value for the client.