Engage us at the tactical or strategic level

Tactical Account Management
Work in a structured and planned way

Tactical Account Management is an effective account management process for medium and large accounts. With the services listed below, we help you organize it.


In a single online meeting we bring the systemic causes and solutions for your specific issue into focus. The outcome is a concrete blueprint for better organizing your account management. Read more...

Strategy & process improvement

The foundation for effective account management is the account management strategy. Together we work out the vision and the process. We challenge, sharpen and ensure the support of management and your team. Read more...

Account plan implementation

For working with account plans to be successful, you have to organize the way they are used  (who, what, when). We train your team and design the process together with you. Then we supervise the first use until there is great enthusiasm and the use is secured. Read more...

Clients for Life®
Profitable growth for your organization

Clients for Life is the best practice worldwide for retaining strategically important clients for life. It governs the roles of the board, sales, account management and operations to achieve this

FreshEyes Reviews

As a board, you get unfiltered insight into the perception of clients on the value of the partnership. We speak personally with your clients' decision makers as an independent third party with no interest. Also for lost clients and missed deals. Read more...

Clients for Life services

Clients for Life consists of various tools (workshops, analyses, protocols, etc.). You can have Tenacity lead workshops with your clients or with your team to move the partnership up a positive spiral. Read more...

Own license

You can also choose to embrace the Clients for Life process as your own way of working. We'll train your people, implement the processes and tools, and make it work. Watch the videos of our clients talking about how big the impact has been. Read more...