Account management system

Organize your account management

What is a system?

Your team's way of working is the result of what you organize and do not organize for them. Everything you have in place to guide and support your people, form a system that steers the way your team works.

With good organization, your account managers do the right things at the right time. And with clear instructions, they also execute them well.

An effective system consists of:

  • A clear account management strategy
  • Operating procedures for the core tasks of this strategy
  • A management process that guides the execution of these core tasks

Account management strategy

A strategy is the basis for every system and gives your team direction.

A strategy consists of a vision (why we should do certain things for each client) and a process (who should do what and when).

What is your vision on account management? And how is this shaped into your process? Is there a clear and concrete strategy that leads your team to act correctly at the right time?

Operating procedures

An account management strategy needs to be supported with operational instructions in order to perform the most important tasks excellently.

No matter how smart your people are, not everyone can do everything their own way.

Instructions ensure that an activity is performed excellently by everyone, very time. They are often best practices or years of experience captured in protocols and tools. Think of things like the account plan format people use or a manual for conducting a certain workshop with clients.

Book a system assessment

Online and in just 1.5 hours, together we will map the system of your account management organization.

We discuss in advance what you would like to improve, and with one of our experienced consultants you map out your issue and a blueprint for a solution.

Together we create a clear picture of:

- The current account management strategy (vision and process)

- The operating procedures that support the account managers (tools and protocols)

- The management process: what is measured, how is coaching done and how do you get a grip on clients?

At the touch of a button you can book a system assessment for just €495.

Blueprint for improvement

A system assessment provides you with a unique insight into your own organization and a concrete blueprint for solving the issue you present to us.

Whatever your issue, we will map out the system that guides your people in what they do, when and how they do it.

Our best consultants are ready to assist you in this first and independent step of us working together. We have put all our knowledge from 35 years of experience into this system assessment for maximum value.