Value Based Partnerships

A structured process for account management teams to develop valuable customer collaborations quickly and independently.

Business results

  • Turning customer relationships into partnerships
  • A better result in customer retention
  • Higher margins trough higher value perception from clients

Management results

  • Getting the whole team to the next level quickly
  • An easily manageable process 
  • More time as a manager for own tasks

Ready to implement

What is Value Based Partnerships?

Value Based Partnerships is a compact process that focuses on the essential tasks for account managers to be successful.

By compact, we mean that the process consists only on those tasks that are absolutely necessary. Over 35 years, we have developed the absolute best practices in account management with our clients. The process is effective and the tools are very easy to work with.

The implementation is also compact. Your team can successfully work with the Value Based Partnerships process in as little as 6 months!

Why does it work?

When you are a business partner to your customer, you are no longer interchangeable!

You are replaceable when a customer experiences the same value as with everyone else. And vice versa; a customer wants to enter into a partnership when the decision makers experience value that they believe they cannot easily get anywhere else.

Often, account managers are primarily focused on operations. This leaves the value experienced by the customer stuck at that operational, basic level. But the customer can get that anywhere.

By implementing Value Based Partnerships, your team spends more time on the things that really drive results:

Developing relationships at the right level and making sure you deliver relevant value for these stakeholders.

The components

One process with only four steps. But each step is designed for maximum ease of use and maximum effectiveness. It is a process that is valuable to everyone. To the account manager, the executive and the client.

- A visual stakeholder analysis

- An effective protocol for conversations with the customer about strategic value

- A visual account plan one-page 

- An structured process for the manager to monitor and coach

Value Based Partnerships is an easy-to-implement process with best practices for each step.

As a manager, you do what is expected of you; you equip the organization with a best in class process with visible results. 

Implementation for one team

Up to 10 account managers

In 6 months the process is implemented, your team is trained and enthusiastic, and the first results are visible.

We not only train, we also take on the roles of project manager, coach and consultant. When the process has been implemented, your team is functioning at the right level and as a manager you can coach on process and content in a very focused way, which means that you will be much less needed in conversations and interventions with customers.

€ 24.500,-

Return on Investment

Because we have been optimizing this process for years, it is a matter of plug and play. With that, the costs are low and the results are high. For another 25 thousand euros your entire team will be working at the right level and your organization will be able to continue Value Based Partnerships independently. Your investment will return many times over for many years. The investment includes all preparation, materials, use of tools, training and all other hours for implementation. You will have your account management optimally organized with all the best practices and the latest insights!

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